Who we are? The Institute of Innovation, Development & Leadership (IDL) was founded to support, represent and set standards for business leaders worldwide. We remain deeply proud of our Charter and it stays at the forefront of everything we do as an organisation. IDL Global as the holding company incorporated in the United Kingdom establish the Institute of Innovation, Development and Leadership (IDL) with objective is to ensure to represent the interests of our members across our global foot-print with particular focus on the developing countries and the emerging markets through our chapters in Middle-East and Africa, through our executive hubs in Egypt and UAE.

Our Aim is dedicated to servicing and enhancing the education in the Middle East, Africa and developing countries through world-class partnership, affiliations and expertise.

Our Vision is to offer quality learning experience through our three areas (Innovation, Development & Leadership) trying to maximize the knowledge transformational to the new generation and to find a way to link the education with the business.

Our Mission is to provide through our world- class partnerships to link between academic and business to improve both the education and business within the sector.

Our approach is through by becoming the research and center of excellence for Schools, technical education, higher education, universities and executive hub for business schools.