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When you serve on IDL Advisory board, you get to peel back the curtain and get the insights you would not normally receive. This includes information about industry trends. Learn about the various trends and how they can even affect your own company. 

IDL Advisory members help create benchmarks and evaluate their experiences against the entire industry. This will help you become an industry leader instead of a follower. You’ll have your hands on the pulse of the industry, and you can jump out in front of others.

  • Its strategic development, expansion and branding.
  • Ways in which IDL can optimise its performance, (in terms of teaching and student satisfaction), as both a college and integral part of they.
  • Developing opportunities for financial growth.
  • Developing the position, network, profile and reputation of IDL locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Potential opportunities for successful and sustainable international expansion.
  • Act as a sounding board to IDL management and other staff as required.
  • Support the IDL College Leadership Team by providing expert insight and facilitating contacts regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Act as critical friends, challenging and supporting the work and future of IDL.
  • Have a presence at IDL events, (where possible) and offer constructive feedback.
  • Be positive ambassadors for IDL.
  • Actively assist the IDL Leadership Team in gaining academic accreditations, industry recognitions and market opportunities where possible towards the IDL Vision 2030.
  • Ensure that the content of IDL student offerings is up to date and relevant to business.
  • By providing them with regular, relevant updates that will allow Advisory Board members to fulfil their role as both advisor and ambassador.
  • To ensure that each member is fully conversant with the strategy for IDL and, in turn, the IDL Global, Holding Company.
  • To facilitate closer working relationships between Advisory Board members and IDL
  • To ensure that the content of Advisory Board meetings is of relevance to members and that the subject of any guest speakers will aid the continued professional development of both IDL staff and Advisory Board members.
  • By highlighting and recognising the commitment and work undertaken by the Advisory Board.
  • By advising the board members of opportunities for their support and engagement.
  • Meetings will take place four times per year.
  • Length of membership to be three years with the possibility of extending if both parties are in agreement.
  • Members are to regularly attend meetings, or demonstrate support of IDL by other means.
  • Members will represent a variety of business and management disciplines; has engagement or experience of programmes being delivered at IDL or an area of its development and/or clientele.
  • Membership will be by application with all prospective board members submitting a CV, short letter of application and skills matrix. The decision to admit a candidate will sit with the Founding members.
  • At any time the maximum membership of the board is to be 15, (excluding staff from IDL).
  • IDL staff will be represented on the board by the members of the College Leadership Team and a member/student representative, (when appropriate).

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Karim Hamdy’s philanthropic works & international accolades include holding executive positions in UK and & Egypt. Dr. Karim is a successful, sought-area speaker who has delivered keynotes and presentations across Middle-East & Africa (MENA) Regions.

Dr. Hazem’s has expertise in impact investing, public policy, sustainable economic development through working with financial institutions, investment funds, policymakers, governments, entrepreneurs, donors, nonprofits, and corporate executives globally. . 

Dr. fatima is focused on establishing, managing  or fixing schools while running  emphasizing  the involvement of all those surrounding the student and affecting his/her learning process, by creating a collaboration relationship between all stakeholders

Dr. Syed Masrur is a C-level Executive & Entrepreneur with over twenty years experience in the corporate, investment, business development field working with a focus on business start-up, development and growth. He was a leading pioneer in the application of creative, innovative and new approaches to investments, corporate and business development. 

“Strategist” who brings to his clients’ interests Strategic Plans that “create opportunities and solve problems” to address their government, business and political objectives. 

He has contracted with more than 350 U.S. and Foreign corporations, 114 American universities, 90 hospitals and medical research centers.

IDL Membership
Services & Benefits

Membership with IDL will equip our members with a range of resources – including access to business information, training, professional expertise, networking opportunities and flexible working spaces – all of which are designed to help them strengthen and build on their own success. Our renowned Executive qualification and training portfolio will provide the platform to hone the skill set and reach full potential as a business leader. IDL commits to maintain an unwavering  support our members, encourage entrepreneurial activity and promote responsible business practice for the benefit of our members and the business community as a whole.

Connecting with Leaders

IDL offers future leaders to meet in various formats to share their best practices from executive peers and to discuss selected topics whilst having the maximum levels of privacy & convenience.

Gain Insight into Organizations

IDL provides the platform for its members to contribute articles and op-eds in our magazine with experts who are a the forefront of major industry happenings – news, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Build A Better Society

Help IDL make important decisions to do better for all our stakeholders moreover the society as a whole with access to better Education, Training & Career Opportunities.

Get Rewarded for your contribution

IDL offers a combination of compensation & Benifits to our expert Advisors. Particularly for the members who take on consultancy work commissioned by our high – valued clients.

  • Consultancy fees subject to agreement with the client corporation.
  • Teaching & Training Fees subject to IDL programs daily rates .
  • Participation Keynote & Guest Speaker; IDL will promote the members of its board of advisors as speakers to our network and client corporate events.

If you are serious about your career, serving on IDL advisory board could boost your resume. We provide client relationships to our valued members to that it could  cement your position as a leader in your industry. It will also help you stay on top of the latest trends and learn new ways to innovate.

Apply for IDL Advisory Board Membership

The Advisory Board provides guidance for curriculum and speakers, and participates actively in lectures, symposiums, and discourses. Board members serve as mentors for students and fellows. They are selected for their commitment to ethical leadership in areas related to a dynamic future for our state.

Tell us how you could contribute to the Vision & Mission of IDL.

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