Executive Programs

Every organization has its unique set of business challenges and developmental needs. We partner with our client organizations to understand these needs and tailor solutions to address the same. The starting point in a custom programme is the requirements study. We engage with the senior leaders from the organisation and few of the participants who are identified to undergo the programme, to draw up the learning needs and objectives of the programmes.

The detailed design flows from the learning needs analysis. The various aspects of the custom program – the conceptual frameworks, business cases, assignments, group exercises, role-plays, project work, business simulation games, practitioner/expert/industry connects, pre-dinner talks and social events – are tailored to optimize the learning process, while leveraging the overall capability of the Institute for delivery. The organisation may also opt for action learning projects whereby the participants work on projects identified by the organisation through the course of the programme under the guidance of the ID faculty. Through interaction with the IDL faculty, accomplished peers as well as experts from the field, the participants will gain broader global perspectives and acquire conceptual frameworks that may be put into action and execution. A certificate of participation will be awarded by ID to participants on successful completion of the programme.

  • Leadership Courses
  • Management Diplomas
  • Professional Certified Programs
  • Corporate Custom Solutions

Executive Hub

  • Provide executive learning through Leadership & Management Course

IDL Leadership Framework is based on extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values that enable organisational leaders to achieve successful outcomes in any private, public or voluntary sector.

  • Develop Research through knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP):

IDL shall undertakes and commissions research that is designed to inform, influence and impact the practice of leadership, management, coaching and mentoring. Fundamental to our approach is the requirement to identify opportunities to apply research findings for Industries.

  • Offer executive events including as seminars, webinars & networking opportunities: 

IDL operates a dynamic and topical programme of events throughout the year, reflecting the Institute’s research, work and the interests of its wide community of members. Top executives are invited to take part in the advisory & ombudsman committees.