James P. Fabiani

IDL Advisory Committee Board Member

Government Relations | Direct Investments | International Projects | Crisis Management | Executive Coaching | Leadership development

James Fabiani began his Washington career at the age of 31 when the U.S. Congress chose him to be the Republican Staff Director of the House of Representatives, Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Health & Human Services, Education & Labor.

The significance of the Appropriations Committee is that every dollar that the U.S. Government spends must be approved by the Committee. The Staff Director is responsible for reviewing each year’s spending and developing each subsequent year’s recommendations to the Congress for approximately $4 trillion of spending annually.

In the Staff Director’s role, James experienced first-hand U.S. Federal Government decision-making, domestic and international project funding, foreign policy development, the powerful impact of politics, and the enormity of influence from all public and private sectors, domestic and foreign, upon the U.S. Government’s decision-making processes.

With those responsibilities and experiences as a foundation, upon leaving Congressional service James joined a former U.S. Senate Staff Director in a fledgling lobbying business. That government relations lobbying firm grew from the two former Congressional Staff Directors into the largest, most respected lobbying firm in the United States with more than 320 professionals. Subsequently, the firm was sold to a British public relations firm and James went on to found Fabiani & Company in 2002.

James describes himself as a “Strategist” who brings to his clients’ interests Strategic Plans that “create opportunities and solve problems” to address their government, business and political objectives. With clients during his career from 31 countries, he has represented virtually every industrial sector including energy, defense technologies, transportation and aviation, agribusiness, communications, pharmaceuticals, and banking. Trade, investment banking and financial services are among his more than 900 clients to date.

He has contracted with more than 350 U.S. and Foreign corporations, 114 American universities, 90 hospitals and medical research centers, as well as dozens of not-for-profit causes.

James, having represented more than a dozen Foreign Governments, brings strategic advice to Foreign leaders who are committed to expanding their relationships with the U.S. for economic, political and direct investment purposes.

James is a graduate of Harvard University where he has sat on the Harvard University Development Board.

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