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Prof. Fatima Bashai

IDL Advisor & School Development Partner

MSc. in Science | University Lecturer | Co- University Professor | Education consultant & Lecturer
Educational Institutes Startup Expert | Professional Curriculum Designer

Eng.Bashai started her career, after her BSc. by being one of the establishing team of the Electrical department in Faculty of Engineering and Assistant of the Head of the Electrical Department both administratively and academically, after which she pursued her MSc. to hold the position of a Co. Professor.

Her passion for education, driven by strong dedication to make a change in the education system and remedy the short falls experienced in schools which she regarded as the main foundation for the University studies. She was fully captivated by idea of improving the education systems and introducing and customizing the best theories in educations for implementation in the institutes she either founded or was part of its management team.

As a Director/CEO of Almanar for Educational Services in Dubai , she focused on establishing, managing  or fixing schools while running  emphasizing  the involvement of all those surrounding the student and affecting his/her learning process, by creating a collaboration relationship between the teaching team and parents to guarantee that the home is fully conversed with their child progress. This approach was adopted in the Wadi Educational Services in Cairo being the founder of series of both National and International schools.

Eng. Basahi has concluded from her 10 years of experience in the University as a co-professor that the weakness in the education system in pre-university stages had a negative impact on the higher education and dedicated 16 years of her career working on the improvement and enhancement of the education process in which she solidly believed in its impact on the future of our youth who deserve the very best.

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