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Driven by a singular purpose, to put a quality education within the reach of every learner. For them, we are a window into a vibrant tomorrow – to their future, and their endless potential.

About us

We are pioneering turn-key school services company. We work with the promoters of schools to study the market, assess feasibility of the project, conceptualize the idea of the institution, plan the new school project, see it through to its establishment, improve, run operations and provide ongoing management services. 

We are a international team of  professionals passionate about enhancing educational outcomes and achieving better results for our partner schools in several states of the country.

We have school project Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Architects, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Chartered Accountants and a large selection of school suppliers at our disposal to deliver complete spectrum of services and make certain your experience of school enterprising with us is an exemplary one.

Further, we collaborate with eminent International school consultants on our mandate to setup International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools in Middle-East & Africa. We have resourcefully deployed the services of award-winning school architects, school master planners and learning environment interior designers to create 21st-century school concepts.

our SCHOOL services


New school setup process can be overwhelming even for the most resolute of entrepreneurs. If not managed resourcefully, details of the project can ruin the big plan and unanswered questions can cause confusion.

It is important to appreciate the target market, create a strong foundation for school logistics, facilitate age-appropriate learning programs, provision relevant learning spaces, recruit best teachers and competent staff, establish institutional policies, procedures to track student progress and ensure access to high-quality school technology and supplies.

All these organizational goals need to be accomplished within the time frame and budget.


We have observed that school management often finds it difficult to secure the return on educational investment and increase educational productivity.

This could be due to lacunae in planning unduly fast-tracked school setup process, improper organizational structure, unstudied choice of educational program for the target student community, inability to estimate & plan finances, inefficient spending, lack of technological awareness, insufficient admissions, failure to figure out competition, improper branding, inability to stay abreast of 21st-century trends.


On Start of the School, the focus is on enrolling students, achieving the learning outcomes and effective operations within budget. This can be cumbersome, when management is unable to dedicate the desired time to manage operations, market the school wisely, source skills and materials on time.

We have had the privilege of building, managing schools and delivering the learning outcomes.

Services provided during the planning and establishment stage will continue to cover campus development and expansion, the onsite coordinator or a school head will assist in day to day school operations. 

Why IDL?

IDL  has helped client’s launch schools in a variety of social settings, market scenarios and budgets. We have established networks to deliver necessary services, technology, materials, supplies, establish curriculum, set school policies and deliver high quality educational experience to all students.

Business Plan & Start-Ups

Full support with all aspects of establishing a new school, including advice on premises, staffing, curriculum, launch planning and marketing. We have the capacity to improve the organizational efficiency of a school as well as the performance of all employees within the school. This is ensured through staff evaluation and measures for improvements, bringing in innovative methods, coaching of key personnel as well as rigorous monitoring of staff against agreed targets.

Turn-Key Solutions

We are a single window to comprehensive school services. Findings from the relentless research conducted by our high caliber academia towards our goal – ‘future education – the global way’ – are incorporated and provided to our clients to enhance the learning skills of the student community that help them face the challenges of the modern world.

Consultancy Services

IDL is innovative in education and building up values that transform young generation in to successful individuals. Involved in multifarious functions in the PreK-12 education, IDL has a network of global partners to address educational needs and services from its bases in the UK to Middle-East and Africa .

Curriculum Development

Our international schools teach a diverse range of curricula to students at every stage of their educational journey. To give you confidence in our expertise in every syllabus at every level, we'd like to talk to you about the international accreditation and affiliations we have to our name.

International Benchmark

We run great international schools that set a benchmark for quality education today and shape the future of learning for the next generation. This means you and your child can be confident that they're receiving an education which is of the highest standard.

Accreditation & affiliation

School accreditation is an important type of quality assurance. From government organisations to exam boards, expert external bodies regularly evaluate the performance of schools teaching in their country or teaching their syllabus.

school licensing AGREEMENTS

High Ranking schools

IDL is selective in partnership with highly ranking day and boarding school for students aged 11-18 onto pre IGCSE, IGCSE, Study Abroad and A-Level, Technical specialization Programmes.

Pathway to Top universities

Our Partner Schools in UK, Europe & USA deliver GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level and BTEC courses for students, preparing them for success at leading UK and international universities.

our school selection criteria

1.Outstanding exam results with broad & balanced curriculum.
2. Outstanding pastoral care.
3.Excellent extra-curricular opportunities.
4.Disciplined environment providing a framework for academic success.
5.Excellent relationships between staff and pupils.
6. Happy children with a strong sense of community.
7. Individually tailored exam services.