We endeavor to bring MBA programs offered from the International Business Schools from around the world and welcome our students to enroll with early bird discounts and also allow our students to register online for notifications on the scholarship opportunities.

IDL seeks partnerships with International Business Schools that are culturally diverse, internationally minded, and committed to providing an educational experience that enhances careers. It is ambitious, and determined to make a difference to society through innovative approaches to research and education.

Our Vision is to offer a wide range of innovative courses, which are listed in our undergraduate and postgraduate sections and are designed to give students a competitive advantage in the jobs market.

Our undergraduate portfolio covers the subject areas of Accountancy, Finance and Economics; People and Organisations; Strategy and Enterprise; Tourism; and Marketing.

Courses that represent each of these areas include Accountancy and Finance, Business and Management (with Professional Practice), International Business Management, International Tourism Management, Events Management, and Sports Business Management.

Work placements, professional practice, and industry speakers all seek to combine the benefits of academic expertise with industry experience. There are also programmes tailored for the military, distance learning courses, and executive development.

Our forward-thinking work with entrepreneurs and small enterprises appreciates their uniqueness. We aim to help each individual enterprise thrive through innovation, entrepreneurship and responsible management.